Party of 5 or more!
Come in for any service with 5 or more of your friends and receive 10% off the party's entire bill.

Please call in advance to make reservations so we can be sure to accommodate your entire party at the same time.
(Student pedicure will not apply for this special offer)

​Spa Pedicure

A Classic Manicure followed by an exfoliating treatment to the elbows.  A hot paraffin dip ending with an intense massage with aromatic oil, and polish of your choice.

Beauty Nails

Relax, Unwind, Indulge

Feet Treatment

A pedicure is a perfect way to revive and condition your feet. Hot soak, nail clipping, sloughing, intense massage and polish of your choice are included.

Classic Manicure

​Spa Manicure

Individual lash extensions

Hot Stone Manicure

Put the spring back in your step! It's time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of peppermint. This wonderfully aromatic and energizing treatment starts with a warm foot soak in peppermint essential oil. Next, your feet are scrubbed with peppermint granules, leaving skin tingly and soft. A massage with peppermint and lotion will complete this stimulating experience with a polish of your choice.

Soak the feet in hot minty sea salt. Emphasize on cutting the shape of your toe nails. Clean cuticles, removing callus from the bottom of your feet and completed with a lotion massage with polish of your choice.

This luxurious treatment begins with a hot soak in savar salt, followed by an aroma salt glow polish from knee to toe. A dip in warm paraffin intense massage and hydrating mask to follow up with a polish of your choice.

      Short ext.   $30            Medium ext.   $35            Long ext.   $40

Individual Eyelash Flare Extensions

​Peppermint Pedicure

A Classic Manicure with a luxurious addition!

This treatment incorporates warm basalt stones into the massage, relaxing your often neglected hands and completed with a polish of your choice. Your hands will thank you!

$120 +               Fill $65+

Hand Treatment

​Classic Pedicure

Nail Tips:

If you want youthful hands, beautiful feet, glowing skin and strong nails - we can help you get there! The key to lasting results is home care and we carry the products you need to do so. If you continue the maintenance daily, you'll be amazed at the results and you'll need manicures and pedicures less frequently. 
Generally, it's best to get a manicure every 2 weeks and a pedicure every 4 weeks. These time frames can vary, based on the amount of home care an individual has in their routine.